Marketing Consultant

Publinet Solutions specializes in strategic marketing consultancy that focuses on the Hispanic Market, its main purpose is to help business owners and managers achieve their marketing and business development objectives.

We work successfully with a wide range of clients across New York, including small to medium-sized businesses in the private and public sector as well as not-for-profit organizations. We help our clients achieve their objectives: from growing revenues and profitability through improving stakeholder communication and engagement.

Our team of experienced marketing consultants is the key to the success we have in helping our clients. We add value for our clients by providing real clarity of thinking around who they need to target and what their go-to-market proposition needs to look like in order to compete successfully.

Our experience as marketing consultants has shown us that the key to helping our clients is through:

• Providing high quality, professional marketing consultancy services at an affordable price.
• Implementing profitable business development solutions that are focused on delivering results through winning and retaining customers.
• Avoiding wasting time and money on untargeted and poorly thought-through marketing communications activity.

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