Our clients operate in a wide range of industries from, products and services to food, auto, tech, apparel and entertainment.


orange_mozaicPublinet Solutions We specialize in select forms of customer relationship management, such as strategic branding, event marketing, buzz marketing, promotional staffing, multi-cultural marketing, youth marketing, street teams.




orange_mozaicPublinet Solutions offers Event Staffing for effective brand representation and Street Marketing solutions. Our programs offer measurable results and are designed to strategically get the word out about your products, services or events across the United States.



orange_mozaicPublinet Solutions offers mobile marketing vehicles, mobile billboards, glass trucks, mobile touring with staff and truck-side advertising. Whether you are promoting your brand at larger events, festivals, concerts, trade shows, spring break, sports stadiums, or to a specific community, this is a big eye-catcher.




Our people are naturally drawn to visual images and mascot characters become your organization's visual billboard. Mascots create instant engagement through the ability to interact on a personal level. As a mascot's personality is developed people feel they come to know a character. A mascot has the ability to go beyond the realm of just physical interaction with individuals. A mascot can extend your brand through simple product association.




Publinet Solutions changed the way you should think about sampling. Evolved it from the unemotional task of handing a sample to someone to the emotional connectivity of engaging a shopper with your brand. We achieve such a high rate of success for you because we put your brand in the right shoppers’ hands, involve them with it, educate them about it, and ultimately convert them to buyers of it.

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